Reading Ninjas Classes

Our affordable literacy and numeracy classes for kindergarten and primary school students provide the tools and support needed to help your child thrive in their early learning years.

At Reading Ninjas we understand that every child has their own unique character and needs, and develops at their own pace.

We customise our programs to individual learning needs, ensuring every child grows and experiences success.

Whether your child needs some extra guidance and support with their learning, or is after further challenge and extension, Reading Ninjas classes are sure to spark your child’s imagination and love of learning.

School Readiness Program

We understand that the transition and adjustment to school is critical for a child’s future progress and development. Our research-based School Readiness Program is fun, interactive and effective. Children are introduced to literacy and numeracy concepts in a supportive and playful way. These classes get your child school-ready and build firm foundations for their early primary years.

We keep our class sizes small to allow for the individual attention and participation every child needs and deserves. Our School Readiness classes have a maximum of 8 students, led by a highly experienced teacher.

The School Readiness Program has 2 different classes available to help your child feel more confident both now, and when starting school:

  • Pre-Kinder Ninjas– for 3-4 year olds, who are starting school in 2025.
  • Kinder Ninjas – for 4-5 year olds, who are starting school in 2024.

Pre-Kinder Ninjas

Our Pre-Kinder class provides children with the tools to get a head start on learning. We cover key skills such as early mathematical concepts, phonemic awareness, sound and letter recognition and handwriting.

Children learn to follow classroom routines, in an environment that encourages them to feel comfortable to contribute and ‘have a go’.

We also focus on developing social, emotional and communication skills such as; taking turns, listening, co-operating, and sharing.

Kinder Ninjas

In our Kinder class children will learn more about how to read, write and spell. Our systematic phonics approach will further extend their phonemic awareness and understanding of phonics, and they will be introduced to segmenting and blending words, essential skills for reading and writing. Children will start borrowing decodable books to take home, to consolidate and practise their learning.

Children will learn important early mathematical concepts such as; counting, number recognition, shapes and basic addition.

We focus on thinking skills, such as persistence, problem solving and having a growth mindset, as well as social, emotional and communication skills such as: taking turns, listening, co-operating and sharing.

Primary Program

Our Primary Program continues the learning journey for your child once they are at school, enabling them to feel more confident, and experience success in their literacy learning. It equips Prep-Grade 2 students, with all the right tools to further develop their reading, writing and spelling skills and give their learning that extra boost.

Children benefit from the dedicated time spent on targeted, systematic literacy learning in Reading Ninjas Primary classes, and the small class size of maximum 5 students ensure the personalised support and guidance your child needs.

The Primary Program has 2 different classes available; Primary Ninjas-Red and Primary Ninjas-Blue.

Primary Ninjas Red

This class is for children who are beginning to learn to read, write and spell. The teaching focus includes segmenting words for spelling, blending 3+ sounds for reading including initial and final adjacent consonants, learning punctuation, short vowel sounds and consonant digraphs (eg. ck, sh, ch, th, ng), and improving fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.

Primary Ninjas Blue

This class is for children who already have an understanding of phonics for consonants and short vowel sounds. The teaching focus extends on this to include long vowel sounds and magic e (eg. game, white), double consonants, suffixes (eg. ing, ed, tion), contractions, and building vocabulary, fluency and comprehension.

Please contact us to discuss which of our Primary classes will suit your child’s needs best.

1:1 Tutoring

Ensure your child’s success with our tutoring services, for Kinder and Primary students. We offer one on one tutoring based on your child’s individual learning needs and goals. These sessions provide the opportunity for children to learn at their own pace and are hands-on, engaging, and targeted specifically to your child.